Success Story
"I put off getting help with my hearing because I thought I couldn't afford hearing aids. Now that I have taken care of my problem, I realize that I can't afford NOT to have hearing aids. They have changed my life. And the staff at National Hearing Care Centre did a great job helping me adjust to them."
Ashok Mehra
"I can finally hear my grandkids again. Thanks National Hearing Care Centre !"
Anil Grover
"I was so impressed with your company’s fast service and reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your services to friends. Thanks Guys! "
Anchal Saxena
"The greatest benefit that National Hearing Care Centre has had for me so far is in the area of hearing. I have a noticeable improvement in hearing and need less volume on my Walkman ä all the time. Also, I'm aware of having acquired the capacity for more highs. Most important of all for a musician, I am getting closer to pitch. I find I'm able to compensate the tuning which is required on any string instrument. With the increase in musical perception I am getting much more critical of sound. I firmly believe that a person who was tone deaf would be able to change that condition with National Hearing Care Centre.'
Nupur Kohli
"Before I began using the National Hearing Care Centre program my hearing was becoming progressively worse. Ear specialists told me it was caused by nerve damage, therefore there was nothing which could be done for me. They said the ringing in my ears would become louder as time went on, thereby reducing my ability to hear. I purchased an 'in the ear model' hearing aid after I found their predictions to be correct. My hearing did indeed deteriorate. I found I had to wear the hearing aid more and more as time went on, to a point where I was wearing it 80% of the time.

After about 3 weeks , the ringing in my ears began to subside. Along with that my hearing also began to improve. One day I felt something almost like a minor earthquake taking place deep within my ears. Since then my hearing has improved to such an extent that I seldom have to use my hearing aid. I am able to function quite well without it now.
Ankur Mahajan
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